America's first private cord blood bank using advanced cryopreservation technology to  preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells

Leading Technology
MiraCell is the first and only private cord blood bank to use the advanced BioArchive® System, a cryogenic freezer, which is a self-contained management system that controls, records and archives all the essential information pertaining to the preservation of each unit of stem cells. Each UCB stem cell unit is stored in this advanced cryogenic freezer at -321°F to ensure optimal cell viability. The BioArchive® System is the cryogenic equipment used and preferred by two of the nations leading US public cord blood banks and many foreign countries as well.

You can count on our highly-trained staff of experts who operate in a CLIA certified laboratory. After your birth, a medical courier will be dispatched to pick up your baby's UCB for immediate transport to our laboratory. A direct delivery ensures that transport temperatures are appropriately maintained. You will be promptly notified once your baby's UCB has arrived at MiraCell, and again after your baby's UCB has been processed.

Our staff of expert scientists and highly qualified lab technicians have extensive experience in providing specialized lab services to the transplant community. In addition, our storage facility is under 24-hour security surveillance.

Dedicated to Education and Research
We will ensure that your health care team is informed and comfortable with the UCB collection procedure and the MiraCell collection kit, by contacting your doctor, midwife or hospital prior to delivery. We offer professional education and in-servicing to health care professionals interested in gaining knowledge about the collection process.

So Close To Home
MiraCell is conveniently located in the Midwest. You will have peace of mind knowing your baby's stem cells are close. In addition, you can visit the laboratory and meet with our staff, or call our 24-hour toll-free number with any questions.

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