America's first private cord blood bank using advanced cryopreservation technology to  preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Click here to read, complete, and submit the PDF enrollment forms.*
The forms are easy to fill out, but if you have questions, you can call 1-877-355-STEM (7836) for more information.
Upon completing all the forms, please fax them to us at 1-816-347-0143, or mail them to us at:

1210 NE Windsor Drive
Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Our enrollment forms are available for download in an Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat® Reader® on your computer, download it now for free.

To ensure prompt enrollment, please make sure you have completed all of the necessary forms, including:

  • Enrollment Form and Payment Information
  • Client Services Agreement Form
  • Medical Health History Form
  • Authorization to Collect UCB and Release of Liability Form
  • Maternal Blood Test Form

Our highly-qualified staff will be happy to answer any of your questions on UCB stem cells and the enrollment and collection process. If you prefer the forms to be mailed to you, just contact us and request the enrollment forms. After MiraCell receives your paperwork and enrollment fee, the MiraCell Collection Kit will be sent to you.

Notify your doctor in advance that you will be having your UCB stem cells collected and preserved. If your doctor has any questions about the collection process or MiraCell, they may call 1-877-355-STEM (7836) for additional information. MiraCell offers professional education on the UCB collection process for interested health care professionals.
Take your kit to the hospital when "it's time." We recommend you keep it with the other essentials you will be taking to the hospital. The MiraCell kit contains everything needed to successfully collect and transport the UCB.

After you have delivered and your baby's UCB has been collected, it is now ready for transport to our laboratory. Please contact MiraCell within two hours of delivery to arrange pick-up. A medical courier will be dispatched to pick up your baby's UCB at the hospital and transport it to our laboratory. MiraCell will notify you once your baby's UCB unit arrives and has been processed. A certificate of cryopreservation for your baby will arrive by mail within a few weeks.

*Presently, MiraCell services ARE NOT AVAILABLE to residents of NY and NJ.

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