America's first private cord blood bank using advanced cryopreservation technology to  preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells

MiraCell, LLC is a privately owned company located in Lee's Summit, Missouri. MiraCell is founded on the belief that umbilical cord blood (UCB) stem cells will have a significant role in stem cell transplantation as technology, physicians and researchers become more successful in learning how to best utilize and deliver these stem cells for treating various cancers, Leukemia's and blood diseases. MiraCell is a private cord blood bank, the first of its kind to be located in the Midwest area of the United States, thus becoming Mid-America's cord blood bank of choice.

MiraCell offers collection, processing and cryo-preservation storage services to families interested in having their baby's umbilical cord blood (UCB) stem cells cryogenically stored for future use by the donor, a sibling, a parent, or possibly even an extended family member.

Subscribing families receive a customized collection kit uniquely designed and prepared with specific components to assist the medical professional in obtaining necessary maternal blood, and umbilical cord blood (UCB) from the baby's umbilical cord. In cases of multiple births, one collection kit is provided for each expected baby. When all the blood is collected, the vials containing the maternal blood and the blood bag containing the cord blood are placed back into the collection kit box. This box also serves as the container for shipping the collected blood samples to the MiraCell laboratory. MiraCell maintains the use of a medical transport courier in order to accommodate the required temperature and processing time frames.

When MiraCell processes a UCB sample, the sample is processed according to the same standards and techniques implemented by the renowned New York Cord Blood Bank. After processing the UCB sample, MiraCell utilizes the latest technology specifically designed to cryogenically store UCB stem cells; ThermoGenesis' BioArchive System. This same technology is what many of the leading public cord blood banks worldwide have chosen to utilize for securely storing publicly donated cord blood stem cells.

MiraCell has moderately priced their services when compared to other competitors. MiraCell is sensitive to the fact that the up front fee required may be difficult for some families to manage; therefore, MiraCell offers a variety of payment plans to accommodate the family's budget.

In addition to the private services that have been outlined above, MiraCell has also developed a "Compassionate Care Program." This program has been designed to assist those families in immediate need of their own babies cord blood for the treatment of a sibling or family member. MiraCell will coordinate the collection, processing and temporary cryogenic storage of the UCB stem cells with the client's insurance company.

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