America's first private cord blood bank using advanced cryopreservation technology to  preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells

Fees and Payment Options*
MiraCell offers 4 affordable payment options:

Option 1: $245 at enrollment, $1,349 at birth

Extended Payment Plans:
Option 2: $245 at enrollment, $265 for 6 months beginning at birth
Option 3: $245 at enrollment, $150 for 12 months beginning at birth
Option 4: $245 at enrollment, $63 for 36 months beginning at birth

We accept the following credit cards for payment:

*Processing fees include: Collection, shipping, initial testing, processing
and first years storage fees.
For multiple births, the enrollment fee is waived for each additional child after the first.

Annual Storage Fee
$95 fixed annual storage fee, beginning on your baby's first birthday

Prepay Plans
Option 1: 10-Year Storage Fee: $800 paid at birth (Savings of $150)*
Option 2: 18-Year Storage Fee: $1,350 paid at birth (Savings of $360)*

*The time period covered by a prepay plan begins at birth. A $95.00 credit is applied to the initial processing fee, if a prepayment plan is chosen. If client chooses a prepayment plan and wishes to continue to store stem cells at the end of the 10- or 18-year period, client is guaranteed these same rates for renewal.

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